Optimus Transitários

A freight forwarder is an intermediary who operates throughout all the logistic chain, following your cargo since the origin until the destination. Through a freight forwarder you benefit from an integrated and flexible response in the transport of goods, something that cannot obtain when dealing independently with the different intervening in the logistical process.
     This is precisely the type positioning that Optimus assumes in the market since 1998.


Areas of action

The Optimus Transitários offers you an integrated set of transport solutions allowing them to link their goods to their centers of consumption or distribution.

Through a strategic partnership with the other group companies, Optimus offers you also, a set of services to the whole transversal logistic line, encompassing the Customs Clearance and logistic/distribution services.



November 21, 2008
11º Congress Logistics Of APLOG  

September 24, 2008
Espirito Santo prepares the 1TH Round of Business Logistics   

September 23, 2008 
Exports from Latin America should expand with the reduction of transport costs



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