Who we are

Optimus Transitários  is a company which operates at global level in the areas of transport, logistic and distribution. Founded in 1998, Optimus always remained faithful to her mission - Offer integrated logistic services which provide more flexibility to their customers.

By means of a quality service recognized the Optimus ensures then, flexibility in the transport of his cargo, this is by sea, road or air, negotiating with the different interposers in the canal, logistic solutions that are better adapted to their customer needs.

Our mission or guidance reflects, therefore, the way we always responded to the needs of our clients. Unlike offers fixed and pre-defined that appear more imposed and that do not provide a response who goes with their real needs, Optimus assumes a completely different orientation. Optimus assumes an outside to inside orientation in which the market and more precisely the specific needs of his customers define all the internal procedures leading to their satisfaction.

GTL Group

The GTL Group is composed of three companies or departments that operate in the fields of transport and logistics overall.
       The Group, formed in 2007, aims to tackle the latent needs on the market concerning integrated logistics solutions needed to operate in a global and flexible way throughout the chain. The Group is, then, formed by a customs broker, a forwarding agent and a logistic operator.

The Custom Broker Roma Andrade is responsible for the customs clearance of goods that transits extra European Community. Optimus Transitários has as principal activity the international carriage of goods, are these by sea, air, road or multimodal. Finally, the logistic operator that ensures in addition to the transactions inherent in the reception, storage and dispatch of goods, their transport within the European Community.

This is why the GTL Group, and their companies in particular, have the resources and know-how required to provide you an integrated logistics answer to your needs.
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