The GTL Group is formed by three companies who operate in the fields of logistics and international trade. In this way, any of the companies can offer you an integrated set of global logistics solutions that include forwarding agent services and the customs broker and logistics operator ones. The objective is to offer you a set of transversal services throughout the logistics chain that allow a complete satisfaction of your logistics needs.

Logistics and Distribution – Optimus - Transportes e Distribuição

The "outsourcing" of logistical activities is still expanding. Logistical costs related to the reception, storage, expedition and transport of goods represent a large slice of the company operating costs, especially on small and medium sized ones. In addition, in a global market in constant change, companies and their distribution strategies must be continuously adapted to new realities requiring, flexibility to respond effectively.

Is according to this binomial cost/flexibility that Optimus offers an integrated set of logistical services:

  • Reception/expedition, storage and distribution.
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of cargo in our warehouses.
  • Planning, control and optimization of supplies chain.
  • Storage and management of inventories.
  • Long distance transport within the European limits.
  • Control and provision recovery of overpayments.

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